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ITEC supplies a range of domestic and industrial Aluminium and Fibreglass ladders.

These include single sided, double sided, dual purpose, platform, order pickers, extension and builders ladders. Brands include Bailey, Werner, Allweld, Ladamax, Gorilla and Little Jumbo.





Commercial Aluminium Ladders Adelaide By Industrial Truck & Equipment Co

Local Australian Distributor of a Variety of Ladders

Fibreglass, Step Ladders, Order Pickers and Little Jumbo

There are so many different businesses that can benefit from the use of ladders Adelaide. Many of the businesses that often need to use ladders throughout their day-to-day operations include painters, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, warehouse workers, factory workers, and so many more.

Since there are so many industries that require the use of ladders Adelaide, there are also many different types of ladders available for purchase. The various industries around Australia require different types of ladders for different jobs.

Not only are ladders incredibly beneficial, but they also come in various types as we have mentioned. We are going to discuss some of the types below and then share some of the many benefits with you as well.

The Various Types of Ladders We Provide To Commercial Clients

Since there are so many ladders and ladders types, we are only going to share a brief description of some of the most common. They are:

Step ladders

whether you realize it or not, the typical step ladder is basically the most common type of ladder that there is. Many people often need to reach just a little bit further in height, and these ladders are beneficial to much more than just businesses. Just about everyone that owns a home will also need a step ladder so that they can get to those high to reach places. They come in very handy in a pinch, and they are the perfect type of ladder to allow you to get just a couple of feet higher in small and enclosed spaces.

Extension ladders

– The extension ladders are very beneficial because they will allow you to reach heights that you would not normally be able to get to. An extension ladder is great because it does not force you to purchase a long ladder. This is just an extension that collapses whenever you need it to. All that it does is extend to the desired height so that you can grasp those hard-to-reach places without the need for a humongous ladder that takes up massive amounts of space.

Fixed ladders

– Fixed ladders are also very beneficial because they are a ladder that is affixed to the home and always there. While rare in occurrence, you will find this on buildings and other large structures.

Aluminium ladders

– Many people will often use aluminium ladders in a construction type of an environment. They are solid and lightweight, which makes them the ideal ladder for business purposes.

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